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Which daily facial cleanser is better for my skin??(combo skin &dry, flakey cheeks)?

i have combination skin. i get the frequent whiteheads. with scarring, dry flakey cheeks i use oil of olay moisturizer, it helps for moisturizing but it still shows the roughness and flakes. %26amp; im wondering if i have sensitive skin?

i've used cetaphil for oily skin %26amp; it was ok, neutrogena oil free acne wash it was drying and didnt help, spectrojel didnt work either so did clean%26amp; clear deep action cream cleanser.

im thinking of using St. Ives Apricot Cleanser OR Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. which one is better for my skin?

Which daily facial cleanser is better for my skin??(combo skin %26amp;dry, flakey cheeks)?
Check out

You can read what the products do for your skin. Pick what best fits your need and you will see your skin transform. I know this because I have seen it work.

Products to look for: Nourishing foam cleanser, Purifying Foam Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, the concentrated mask is Fabulous as well.

Over the counter products have cheap fillers. Look for something that is natural and formulated for and by Dermatologist/Plastic Surgeons.


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Reply:Avon makes a great selection of products for all skin types and they are not terribly expensive.

If you can afford to spend a little more money try Sina Skincare at
Reply:I have the same skin type:

St. Ives GENTLE apricot scrub 3x per week

Cetaphil Gentle skin cleaner WITHOUT water (I know) ever day and night.

2.5% benezol peroxide for those few pimples that appear.

Non-Soap Skin Cleanser?

Do you recommend any non-soap skin cleanser for sensitive skin?

Non-Soap Skin Cleanser?
Cetaphil. its awsome. a little expensive though. about 15$ for a bottle. bottle lasts for about 3to4 weeks though. its highly recommended. its made for ppl with skin conditions, babies, and ppl who want smooth skin. its awsome
Reply:Rub Purell all over your body.
Reply:mineral milk

i do sell this product and it's really good for sensitive skin.
Reply:yeah/.. i do..use a cleansing fluid instead..
Reply:Most cleansers are soap free, I would recommend either a Lancome or Elizabeth Arden cleanser. If you go to one of their beauty counters they will be able to recommend the correct cleanser for you. Good Luck!
Reply:* How about this one:

Original formula is specially designed for sensitive skin of the face and hands and is fragrance free. Natural moisturizers from aloe vera and oil of coconut are combined to maintain your skin's moisture mantle and pH balance. Ideal for normal to oily or mixed skin types. Fresh Fruit scent formula is specially designed for normal to dry skin of the face and hands.

Our Non-Soap Skin Cleanser is formulated to be gentle on the skin. We use surfactants derived from coconut and olive oils to help remove dirt and grime, and the cleanser is pH balanced at 5.3-5.7 - easily within the pH range of healthy skin. Non-Soap Skin Cleanser will clean skin and remove dirt and oil as well as harsher soaps but will not dry and damage the skin in the process.
Reply:Cetaphil. Its worked wonders on my skin.
Reply:Arbonne has a great line for people with extremely sensitive skin. Their products are botanically based, pure, safe, and beneficial. They do not contain mineral oil, alcohol, wax, dyes, chemicals, fragrances, acetone, or other ingredients that might irritate your skin. I would be happy to help you if you're open to giving it a try.


Red blotchy skin?

I used toothpaste two days ago in an attempt to dry up my acne (Bad move on my part). The acne is gone but the skin around where the zits used to be is red and blotchy. I have pretty sensitive skin and I'm wondering how to diminish the red spots on my face. I use concealer to cover it up, but how can I make them go away?

Any advice would be great :)

Thanks in advance.

Red blotchy skin?
you're just lucky it actually MADE your acne go away. all it did for me was burn and dry my skin out. but anyway, i'd just wait it out. it's really harsh and it probably just hurt your skin a little bit. almost like a sunburn, but. . . not. it'll prolly be gone in a few weeks. :)

What's a good skin care product?

I'm a 23 year old black female and i' ve never used any skin care products for my face. I would like to know some kind of scrub to use everyday or some kind of cream that i could use on my face daily. I am afraid to try just any product because i have very sensitive skin, and if the product is no good then i could break out. I heard the olay definity was good but i also heard it was for older women. I don't have much acne but have like different skin tones on my face. Not like freakish or anything, but up close i notice it. I'm just looking for something that could like even it out.

you can see on my myspace that my face looks very clear cause i do makeup professionally.

In reality though it's not so perfect, but im sick of wearing makeup everyday, so i want to try some kind of cream or something to give me the makeup look WITHOUT the makeup.

What's a good skin care product?
i use "Proactiv" and it REALLY works. I got results in just 3 days. It works on any kind of skin. I say give it a try.

Hope that helps. GOOD LUCK
Reply:go to and look at the product reviews on various skin care products. The ladies on that site helped me pick out the products that were right for me.
Reply:Nivea %26amp; Ponds

"Merry Christmas"
Reply:proactive sucks and is a waste of money
Reply:I advice u to consult any skin specialist Doctor he gives u good treatment bcoz i dont see u and if i give some advice and if it will put bad affect on ur skin so i think this is not good for u .I use ponds sun cream and also night cream and Dove and Hollywood style Face wash my color is white if u wana se me so i will send u my pic
Reply:try a microdermabrasion kit. it can help with your skin tone and makes my skin have a nice glow. just go to the drug store and look at the products. look for one that says it will not clog pores or is non comedogenic. they should not cause your skin to break out. try looking for ingrediants that have products that soothe your skin such as tea tree oils. just stick with the brands you have heard about.
Reply:please dont use proactiv it doesnt work. u could try olay there products are good, i use them and im 21. Or u could use black skin care products like ambi, thats good too. It will help even out your skin. Also, u could try things like mama lotion worked miracles for me or green cream, but that more for ppl with acne.
Reply:i switch off between 2 great skincare systems. olay regenerist and clinique 3 step. the ladies at clinique will match your specific skin with a perfect combination custom fit to your needs. it is slightly pricey, but it lasts FOREVER and works very well. i also use olay regenerist microderm cleansing cloths a few times a week and night moisturizer for anti aging. its not just for old people. every woman should begin anti aging skincare at about age 20 to prevent any visible signs of aging.

as far as makeup goes, i personally hate wearing makeup because of the unnatural look of it and the long process. i use a GREAT tinted moisturizer from clinique that evens out skintone, moisturizes, and provides sun protection without looking like makeup. you can barely see or feel it. and its really really fast to put on.

What a good facial moisturizer for dry/acne prone skin?

my skin is very very dry right now becaause im using an acne cream and the moisturizer im using isnt moisturizing enough but im sccared to use anything else because alot of things make me break out, and also my skin is very sensitive. does anyone know of a moisturizer for the face thats good for sensitive skin and won`t break me out?

What a good facial moisturizer for dry/acne prone skin?
My daughter's dermatologist suggested we use Cetaphil on her face.. she has acne, and he put her on acne meds which made her skin dry and any moisturizer we used, gave her MORE acne.. the cetaphil is the only thing we used that worked!
Reply:I use Clean and Clear shine control moisturizer and it really helps to keep your skin from drying out. Also, it's non-comedogenic so it won't irritate your acne either. I also suffer from acne and had problems with the medicine drying my skin out and this seems to help.
Reply:Purpose. Simple as that. little square bottle, blue label, white cream. great for sensitive skin.

lady slipper

Old and Dirty Looking Skin (Mild Acne) [Pictures Included!!!]?

I got rid of most of my acne but now my face looks really old and dirty... if anyone knows what i mean.. The skin around my nose looks like i have mild wrinkles.. only in certain lights and my skin color varies... depends on the light i think i have alot of blemishes..

My current regimen ( i been using for 3 weeks)

Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Facial Wash

St. Ives Apircot Facial Scrub Blemishes %26amp; Blackhead Control

AcneFree Repairing Lotion (Benzoyl Peroxide 3.7%)

Aloe Vera Moisturizer Cream

Medium Distance Shot

Close Up (this is nasty)

Old and Dirty Looking Skin (Mild Acne) [Pictures Included!!!]?
to be honest your description is way off!! your skin doesnt look bad - yes you have mild acne but most young guys are paranoid...your skin doesnt look old at all!! im sure in a year or so you will have clearer skin...

i know acne is difficult but most people go through it in their are an attractive man and should have no problem with the ladies...if you make an issue of your skin then your confidence will be are attractive!
Reply:firstly, your skin does not appear "old and dirty looking"

secondly, that is a sh!tload of chemicals to be using on your face
Reply:And i don't see anything you pointed out! Just a few pimples.. You look normal. I think since your acne is gone you are looking for more things to be wrong.. Just relax, ex foliate and cleanse. Good Luck! =D

Get rid of dry skin?

Ever since using Dove Sensitive Skin Soap on my face it has been dry and sore, no matter what cream i use, been like it for 4 days now and im sick of dry skin as i cant go back to school looking like a crocodile! i've recently been in the shower and used Clean %26amp; Clear Exfoliating Scrub and now my whole face is covered in dry skin! Any ideas to get rid of it?


Get rid of dry skin?
use neutragena face moisturizer twice a day and you'll see a huge improvement in your skin.
Reply:You may have had an allergic reaction to one or more of the products you used. At this point you should probably not use any kind of scrub or abrasive as it will just irritate your skin more. Wash gently (without hard scrubbing) with a light, gentle cleanser. Dermatologists recommend Cetaphil. Try not to touch or scratch your face as that might irritate your skin even more. If after a few days of very gentle treatment your skin does not improve then you probably need to see a dermatologist to treat the reaction.
Reply:these are really good at removing dry skin

you could also invest in a really good moisturiser, maybe one for sensitive skin.
Reply:try using a moisturizer just search around olay and ponds have cream for dry skin dont use bar soaps for washing your face if you dont have acne use a mild cleanser
Reply:Ok, hold fire on the exfoiliating until you've got a bit more moisture in your skin, you'll only make it worse. I have really dry skin on my face and don't use soap at all, it's not the right balance if you're prone to flaky skin. I use Cream E45, which is really rich, and put it on before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning. Once you've done that for a few days, use a facecloth and gently rub to get rid of the excess skin.

I would also avoid make up if you can because that only dries it out more.
Reply:Dont exfoliate if u hav dry skin. It will only make it worse as it rubs off all the dead skin cells but also decreases the layers.

I used to have extreamly dry skin on my face near mii eyes, mouth and 4head and chin. i h8ed it. If u hav a LUSH store near u (luk on the lush webby) get the almond kisses lotion for your skin or sympathy for skin. Theyr great! if not go for E45 which u can get from any store, boots or superdrug...

drink plenty of water and hope dis helps hunii xxx
Reply:Haldens emulsifying base, its available from the chemist. It feels a little gross going on but its excellent in restoring the moisture in your skin. Its suitable for the entire body and is very cheap for a large container.
Reply:I use olay moisturiser and my face feels soft and moist.
Reply:Discontinue the use of any type of facial wash/exfoliate. the Neutrogena facial cream may work once the damage is healed, but right now it sounds like you need to let your face rest.

I had a really bad experience with a face wash once and the dermatologist prescribed 2.5 hydrocortizone worked like a dream. That strength is not available over the counter, but the 1% ointment is and works just as well. Use it morning %26amp; night, it has to be the ointment not the's a little greasy (I would not wear foundation right now) but who cares!
Reply:Never, never, use soap on your face; my grandmother only ever used rose water to clean her skin, and she had beautiful soft skin until the day she died.

Exfoliating scrubs are fine, but only now and again; they are very hard on your skin, and all you are doing is taking the top layer off. Let your skin be for a while; if you still want to wash your face, you need a special facial wash that's gentle, it might be a case of experimenting with a few until you get the right one. Boots should have something for everyone. Too many products for young skin are drying and harsh; now is the time to start caring for it.

Drink plenty of water; %26amp; you might need some sort of supplement like cod liver oil if your skin is dry all over and not just your face. Also any product used on your face with water should be rinsed and rinsed in luke warm water, NOT hot and not ice cold either.
Reply:my only recommendation is try using Olay cold cream to wash you face with instead. When you open it up it will actually look like a moisturizer. Just rub it all over your face and use a wash cloth dipped in warm water to wipe it off. It will clean your face without making it dry. Olay as a lot of good products for the skin.... I believe its a white jar with a green cap.
Reply:use Vaseline, put it on before bedtime or just after a shower if your staying indoors that is,

do this for a week or so, your skin should be fine.

and get a face wash especially for sensitive skin, stop using dove
Reply:Don't use soap, most contain fragrance which can irritate the skin.

A great product is AQUEOUS CREAM, you can get a 500g jar for just a couple of pounds. You can use this to wash with - all over if you want - and to soften and sooth your skin.
Reply:maybe the skin care products that you have been using is not right for your skin. try all natural moisturizers and lotions, this can be suitable for any type of skin. also to keep the skin looking young try to avoid unhealthy habits like smoking, have proper diet, exercise, drink plenty of water, have enough sleep and rest. for more skin care tips that can help you get rid of dry skin visit
Reply:I had an allergic reaction to something in the summer and looked like I'd been punched in the face. Once the swelling had gone with anti histamines my skin was really dry and almost cracked. I used bio oil and not joking in a couple of days ws 100% better. So worth the money. When soreness had gone I used Simple exfoliating facial wipes - very gently - Dead skin has to go!
Reply:I cant use soap as its all made of lanolin.You have obviously had a reaction.Don't use an exfoliator your making things worse.Buy Simple face wash and moisturiser they both contains no irritants and are especially made for sensitive skin.Hopefully it will settle down.Good luck.